Our Organization

What We Do

CARE North Hastings is volunteer based, registered charity (#850405598) celebrating 35 years of offering services and programs that provide, educate, promote and support those conditioned to being aged that will relieve social isolation, loneliness, loss of mobility, frailty, and keep you connected to your community. We serve those that reside in the Northern Townships of Hastings County, the municipalities of Highlands East and the District of Nipissing.

Our Mission

CARE North Hastings helps clients in their efforts to remain as independent and feasible to remain in their homes as long as possible by providing a reliable support system and relevant programs to cope with life transitions and prevent premature and/or unnecessary institutionalization.

Our Values

Living Healthy. Being Happy. Staying Connected.

Our Team

Board of Directors:

Nancy Baker, Former Chair

Liz Inglis, Chair:
As an active member of our community I am very impressed by the number of services that are available to support our seniors. I have been a board member for CARE North Hastings since January of 2017. I have experience from being a part of other non-profit boards, also being an active member of the Alzheimer’s Society, Bancroft Public Library, and the Bancroft Chamber of Commerce.

Dave Earle, Vice Chair:
As a caring member of our community I decided to volunteer as a board member for CARE North Hastings. This volunteer position consists of making decisions to help better our organization, and more importantly our community. I am also a volunteer with the Alzheimers Society and a member of the Alzheimers support group. I have a background in law enforcement, working for the Port Hope Police Department and the Edmonton Police Service. I am also an active member of the Bancroft Masonic Lodge and Algonquin Shrine Club.

Vivian Bloom, Board Member

Bill Campbell, Board Member

Kathy Plunkett, Board Member

Kate Simpson, Board Member

Ron Speck, Board Member:
A resident of Bancroft for over 30 years, I retired from the Ministry of Natural Resources in 2011. I held a number of positions with the MNR. Giving back is so important, especially back to a town that has given to us so much. Not only am I on the Board of Directors with CARE North Hastings, but I also chair the Bancroft Terry Fox Run, on the board with the Bancroft Fitness Centre, past board member of the Bancroft District Chamber of Commerce and past board member of the Town of Bancroft Recreation Committee. I look forward to using my past work and volunteer experience, education, and my love for Bancroft to assist Care North Hastings in contributing to the well-being of the seniors of our community.


Jennifer Kauffeldt, Executive Director:
Welcome. I imported myself to Bancroft in 1991, originally from Oshawa. I have worked for Porter Hetu International Accounting Firm and Quinte Healthcare North Hastings in town before I settled in here 7 years ago. I joined this community social services sector in 2011 as first a financial analyst and then a program coordinator. In January 2017 I was selected to lead this agency into a new era of community support services. I was very fortunate to be mentored by our prior leaders; first Gord MacDonald and then Roxina Keith. I come with experience in Business Administration w/ Accounting Major and Geriatric Studies. I gravitated to helping seniors in my teen part time jobs. I was especially close with my Nana, taking her shopping and visiting faithfully. I love being of service to people and making a difference. Human kindness is essential in life and here at CARE NH. I enjoy the small town atmosphere and how our community comes together to help each other. I love nurturing! This includes my family of 3 boys: Scott, Travis and Jack and 4 grandchildren: Korbin, Kenzie and twins Tye and Evan and my husband, Mel. I best not leave out our 3 dogs and 2 cats and the odd uninvited mouse! Looking forward to serving our community and its people.

Cheryl Connolly, Program Assistant:
Hello Cheryl here, I have been a part of the CARE North Hastings community for 8 years. I originally started with volunteering for the meals on wheels program, which involves delivering our frozen meals to client’s homes. I then began working as a program assistant and fill in at the reception desk when needed. I enjoy being a part of the CARE North Hastings organization because I get to have direct contact with the wonderful clients, staff and fellow volunteers.

Sarah Krieger, Volunteer Coordinator:
As a Registered Nurse, I have a had the good fortune and opportunity to work in a variety of fields that include Long Term Care (including Hastings Centennial Manor), Public Health Nursing, the CCAC and the Alzheimer Society of HPE ( I continue to work as their Education and Support Coordinator). In September of 2013 I joined the CARE NH team as their Volunteer and Friendly Visitor Coordinator. Please feel to contact the CARE North Hastings office should you have and questions regarding our Friendly Visiting program and/or Volunteer opportunities.

Connie Ingram, Foot Fix/Program Manager:
Hello my name is Connie and I have the pleasure of being the manager at Foot Fix, I have been a part of the CARE North Hastings team for 10 years. It has been a great pleasure helping seniors and anyone with a physical challenge. Providing specialized nursing care and reflexology really benefits our clients wellbeing.

Tonya Vardy, RPN:
I have been a foot care nurse for 13 years and as a nurse I love working in an area of health care where the main focus is prevention. I started working for CARE North Hastings 4 years ago as a foot care nurse, I chose to work for this CARE North Hastings because I wanted to be a part of an organization that truly cared about its members and community.

Savannah Admiral, Esthetician:
I have been with CARE North Hastings for almost 5 years. I currently work at the Foot Fix office as an Esthetician, the greatest part of my job is making people feel better about themselves. When I am not working at Foot Fix I work as a personal support worker at Hasting’s Centennial Manor. CARE North Hastings is an amazing and friendly environment to be a part of.

Jenn Postma, Program Coordinator

Nancy Richard, Program Coordinator

Sheila Santos, Client Care Coordinator

Noel Lobe, RN

Nancy Baker, RPN

Brenda Grant, Reflexologist

Rosemary Sullivan, Reflexologist