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Coe Hill Community Thrift Shop

A huge heartfelt ‘Thank You’ goes out to all the volunteers that dedicate their time in helping CARE North Hastings make a difference in our community.   

The local Thrift Shop is an important part of our community, which is not only frequented by our families, neighbours and friends in the area, but also our seasonal residents and our neighbouring communities.

Proceeds from the daily sales of gently used good quality clothing, household items, small pieces of furniture, nick-knacks, and much more benefit our senior population and anyone 18 years of age with a disability in our community.  Sales provide individuals with the Programs and Services available to them through CARE North Hastings, such as:

  • Personal Drives

  • Friendly Phone Calls (RUOK)

  • Friendly Visiting

  • Local News on CDs – weekly

  • Foot Fix (Specialized Nursing Foot Care)

  • Form Assistance

  • Personal Security 24/7 (Crisis Alert Safety Device)

  • Congregate Dining (Coe Hill Seniors Luncheons)

  • Home Help

Throughout the years our Thrift Shop has helped families and individual(s) replace part of what they have lost due to the devastation of a house fire.  The families and individual(s) assisted are guaranteed privacy by scheduling a time to meet so they may have the privacy of selecting items they require at no charge.

If interested in becoming a ‘Thrift Shop Volunteer’, call Connie Ingram at (613) 332-4848 for an application form or for more information.

Remember, even 1 hour can help make a difference in our community!