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Crisis Alert Devices

Do you prefer to live in your own home and what to remain independent? We can help by providing you with your own reliable, efficient and easy-to-use personal emergency reporting system installed in your home.

Crisis Alert is a reliable, easy-to-use personal emergency device, it can be activated to get help the moment you need it, 24/7.  You choose a necklace or wristband with emergency button for your use. No contracts and no set up fees, just one low monthly fee.  Nexicom crisis alert devices use a land line phone system for emergency access. Call our office to get set up.

How it works:

Your personal emergency reporting system is connected to your telephone line and will automatically place a call for help when activated. The table top console has a large, easy to find help button. For added security, you can choose to wear a wireless wristband or pendant transmitter. The transmitter is water resistant and has a battery life of two or more years. Thanks to it's long signal range, this device provides increased mobility, even outside your home. Every day an automatic test signal is sent to the monitor station so that the status of your system is constantly monitored.


  • Installation and activation are included free-of-charge
  • No cancellation fee
  • Rental fee - $29.95/month +tax
  • Purchase option also available upon inquiry
  • Landline connection required
  • No contract

Contact us to arrange for your installation